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Few investments can give as much satisfaction as fresh paint for the interior of your home or the Exterior.  More importantly, protection from  the elements and such.

House preparation is an important step in ensuring a good long lasting painting project.  Pressure washing, followed by some hand scrapping loose paint, and then caulking areas of concern to protect  your house from the elements.  Plus it creates a nice looking house, like new.

Pressure Washing cleans the house surface for better paint adhesion.  Removes flaking and peeling paint: May still have to be hand scraped a bit.

Power washing is the application of high pressure water spray. When  a qualified pressure washing professional , expect great results,   and well worth the initial investment.  It requires a skilled and experience user. Power Washing may look simple, but don’t be misled. I’ve seen personally when a beginner  pressure washes, it can be quite devastating.

For example, one situation to avoid when power washing for a beginner : Think about the high pressure of  water , if not controller can go through many surfaces instantaneously. You can even carve your name on wood while using  a 3000 psi pressure washer.  The potential exists for costly repairs if not done properly.  Hire a professional.


Exterior wood is susceptible to moisture, cracks, wood rot and expensive repairs, if not properly maintained , or painted/prepped.

I’d like to say something about Exterior wood houses.  Excessive sun exposure on a home exterior over time can dry out and shrink the wood. Then the result are cracks in the wood, which affects  the paint on top to crack and chip as well.   Best proceedure is  at first sign of  of a paint crack is noticed, touch up the  spot , better yet prime it and top coat it.

Cracks can allow moisture to get in the wood cracking the wood in time and popping off the top paint coat. Water from sprinklers and rain can damage paint, making the wood expand and crack over time.

Another area we look at is the large beams that expand out from your house, making them very vulnerable to the elements of the weather.  These usually go on unnoticed because of their height.  We will inspect them and make sure they are properly primed and coated especially the exposed top of the beam where water and snow can sit for days on it.  If not protected, it will produce wood rot and a expensive repair.  I have repaired enough of these beams in our area when simple maintenance could have prevented.
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Interior Painting done right wil enhance your living style.  We use the best paints along with careful preparation.

How nice it is to have your walls crispy clean looking by having a new paint project run to it’s  completion.  Careful preparation is important.  We cover furniture, flooring  and any other surface not getting painted.   We use low voc paints so the paint smell is practically non existent.   We recommend usin a  sheen finish   which is stain-resistant and easier to clean than flat paint and great for kids and high traffic areas.